The Challenge for Consumers

Consumers increasingly prefer to buy products that they can trust to be healthy and safe. In a world full of misleading marketing messages, confusing slogans, and overwhelming choices, it can be nearly impossible to know what you are putting in and on your body.

Even when consumers have access to a product’s ingredient list, in-depth knowledge is required to understand which components are safe and which could be harmful. According to Nielsen, many consumers are willing to pay more for healthier products. However, the information they need to make the best purchasing decisions is often not accessible to shoppers.

The Healthiest Solution

The Healthiest Solution gives consumers trusted, vetted, immediate feedback while they are shopping online. We simplify the selection process with a free browser extension and create an easy way to make the healthiest choice possible to get you well and keep you healthy.

We work with PhD and MD experts to interview vendors, analyze ingredients, and review sourcing to bring you the most chemical-free and sustainable products possible. We eliminate products from our recommendations that contain any of 1500 harsh and harmful chemicals that are known to be linked to disease. Additionally, we review third-party lab testing, manufacturing processes, sourcing, reviews and more. 

Simply put, we do the research for you and make your purchasing decisions easy by offering trusted “Healthiest Approved” products when you shop online.

About Healthiest

Healthiest is a woman-founded, woman-owned company dedicated to making it simple for all consumers to shop for healthy products. In addition to creating a new online shopping experience, Healthiest brings the following value to the marketplace:

  • A robust and growing database of product ingredients and healthy alternatives, valuable for licensing and for use in home personal assistant technology.
  • A new high revenue-producing browser extension model.
  • Innovative digital algorithms for validating products for specific market segments with concentrated spending behaviors.

This proprietary property enables Healthiest to develop a variety of revenue streams in addition to consumer purchases, including marketing and user data, affiliate revenue, and offerings of additional health services.

In a world of thousands of micro-brands, Healthiest meets the needs of the growing breed of globally conscious consumers demanding healthier, more environmentally sustainable products.

Crystal Brown
Crystal Brown
Founder and CEO